Great to see you talking of solar energy Enrique, thanks for posting.

A comment I would make is that we should dispense with the language of renewables, as it really makes what should be a simple subject complex, by obfuscating how things work.

There is only one source of energy, the sun, surrounded by all other things, which are consumers.

Humanity is a consumer of it, and so is our planet Earth.

If we take our energy from anywhere other than directly from the sun, then we are taking it from another consumer, on loan or otherwise, forming a parasitic relationship.

To date, we’ve taken it mostly from Earth.

That we have an energy debt to Earth seems yet to be acknowledged is obviously an issue, but we are unlikely to ever see it as individuals, as long as the issue is confused with terms implying energy is somehow renewable.

There is only one Energy and it all comes from the sun.

When we see that, we realise that the world debt is actually debt to our planet, since energy is effectively money, as proven by things like bitcoin.

The two race up hand-in-hand, we should realise they are one and the same.

After all, who, or what else can world debt be sensibly assigned to?

On whether or not we should collect it from space collection facilities, or from Earth-bound collection facilities, it makes sense to collect it from space for space based applications, and from Earth, for Earth based applications.

So as long as we are mostly on Earth, we should concentrate on expanding Earth bound collection facilities.

This is something covered in more detail in the definition of the Kardashev scale.

Stage zero, where we are still, is where we are still in parasitic mode, living from the energy of our environment, and one another (by the practice of profit).

Stage one, is where we attain the honorable position of sourcing all of our human energy needs on our planet, from the sun.

Stage two, is where we begin to put the energy of the sun to use in space, fuelling our explorations there.

The key to beginning to progress rapidly up the Kardashev scale, is to dispense with profit, it seems to me.

That, is very easily possible, when we see abundant sources of solar generated “Free money” such as bitcoin.

Why should all individuals not have such a generator, associated with their person?


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