Great story on an unusual theme that does need more attention. Thanks for sharing.

What strikes me, as a first time reader of anything on the issues of indigenous people in modern times (apologies, my fault entirely), is a common theme of benignity.

One of the most recent developments of technology, perhaps surprisingly, is strongly in favour of the benign. Hence perhaps my struggle to promote it in the usual forums.

It needs support, but as hopefully will become apparent, it’s power to assist the benign is potentially unlimited.

The technology is a progression of blockchain, towards what I believe will become it’s final purpose, perhaps even the final purpose of technology itself; to unite the interests of all cultures and all humanity, and our planet, as one.

I have provided a link below, but before reading it, I would ask one thing; please don’t try to read it in a hurry. The concepts there are complex and subtle, a culmination of four years research work to date.

Also, it is a first attempt to simply express and encapsulate that concept, so it is not perfect. All comments and reqests for clarification are most welcome, and will be fully credited in future edits, unless individuals wish otherwise.

If you like it, pass it on to everyone you know. It needs exposure. It needs to become a public people’s concept.


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