Great, powerful message staying above the politics, thanks for posting.

I don’t see it as something to blame people for though.

For me it seems pretty obvious it is a system which is to blame, a system which is logically very simple to change, when we see how it works, but most people can’t see it, and I mean that equally, of people of all colours as well as white.

Would we blame unfed, caged animals for eating one another?

That is how I see our plight.

We are in an economic cage of our own making, one made over thousands of years, which forces us to prey on one another, but the technology now exists to break out of it, and it is being used, so it is only a matter of time now before the cage is broken wide open.

We can see it by recognising exactly what Bitcoin is.

It is monetised sunlight.

Sunlight is the only form of energy we know does not come from Earth.

So it is added to the Earth, and yet we always treated wealth as something fixed, to a fixed quantity of gold, for example.

That is the thing changing.

Money really can, and absolutely must be given for free, to all people, to reflect nature.

That is the thing many people seem unable to see, even those invested in Bitcoin.

Until we see it, we are really at war with nature.

That is a war we can never win.


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