Great article, thanks for posting. Most encouraging is you acknowledge we are on a path towards illumination, therefore we need to have some flexibility.

For me, the economy is already circular, and that is the problem, it is zero-sum, acknowledging no external input of wealth, and yet, the real source of all of our wealth is the sun, from which all of our wealth was/is derived.

If we introduce the sun as the source of wealth, we obtain an open ended economy with the sun at the input, asking nothing in return for the wealth it serves us with, therefore none of us should expect any return for the wealth we pass on.

That takes us completely away from the ideas of capitalism, and any other economic system we've seen in our history.

It also depends pretty heavily on the internet connectivity of all humans to work, which is maybe why we never saw it before.

As long as all currencies are connected by a market in which we can all freely trade, with free money, no currency can collapse in isolation.

That is why the US needs to remove all the embargos it has in place, to protect the value of the dollar, which can be maintained, as long as the people of the world see it as being something worth "voting on", with their free money, in the same way as they are voting on many companies which are technically bankrupt by the old system of profit, people still want those services, so they keep buying their shares, with free money, so with no expectation of profit, therefore keeping the companies offering humanity unprofitable but humanity-enhancing services alive.


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