Great Article Norman, even though I am an eternal optimist.

Technology has brought us where we are, I would never underestimate the power of that, if used correctly. The key is that it has to be no longer for profit.

The sun is our our relatively inexhaustible energy source. True, the Chinese efforts of creating cities appear to have failed already.

If world economics and politics became amenable, creating large populations of people with disposable income to demand such things, there is no reason why practical, very attractive cities could not be built in the desert places of the world. These could be surrounded by massive solar farms, that power all manner of creature comforts for the city residents, and in addition, provide excess power which could be exported by cable to less fortunate areas of the world, requiring external power.

In theory, the desert areas have more than enough sun to power all of the world’s power requirements. Anyone can calculate this fairly easily. Each square meter receives a kilowatt of power throughout most of the daylight hours, and there are an awful lot of square metres of desert in the world. Add to this, more such cities could even be built on water.

Many people, including me, are working on solutions that conceivably could lead to the required economic and political conditions needed.

Most importantly, projects like these need to have people with the right mindset. So don’t lose hope, have some optimism!

The alternative is unthinkable.


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