Great article, though I am maybe not part of the target audience you had in mind, I am grateful you wrote it, thanks for posting.

I have to admit being a huge fan of the incredibly powerful art that is burlesque, and Jazz, finding my appreciation of it kind of later in life, through some participation in Salsa.

Your own path to performing in it sounds fascinating, I hope you are finding ways to continue to enthrall (and earn!) around the pandemic.

Prior to the pandemic, my own career in systems Engineering was moving nicely towards working in new technical development of VR motion capture of traditional folkloric dance movements in Cuba, on behalf of professional dancers and companies there.

Since then, my plans have had to change, as have everyone’s, (Is there even still such a thing as a career ?!?), but I am seeing now a very special need to empower musicians and dance artists around the world, to continue live performing and monetising their art, perhaps using mutiplayer VR technology via the internet, to get around the necessary restrictions put in place to handle the pandemic.

Would that be about right?


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