Grace, thanks for posting.

I agree completely. I notice also you are studying Engineering.

As you have an Engineering mindset, it probably won’t take you long to conclude there is only one solution to the environmental issue, we have to plug directly into the sun, the only energy source, removing our dependence from Earth-bound resources.

The opposite of “geo-engineering”!

It also happens to be the only economic solution, where we must replace meaningless money with a human empowerment medium which mimics energy in nature, and which has at its input the energy of the sun, in the same way as all things in nature.

When we model that, the results are startling.

You can read more in my feature story and others linked from there.

The innovation we’ve seen to date is nothing to what we could have, if only folk could see it.

I am also an Engineer, formerly working at chartered level in all kinds of projects for almost thirty years.

Recently I had occasion to undertake a PhD candidate study, in pursuit of a technical solution for a product, but the research led to a conclusion that there was no solution which can be driven by profit.

In fact, the answer to an increasing number of human problems is simply to go non profit.

The real innovation we need is something to rid us of the illness that is all things driven by profit.

That came as a surprise as I’d always believed in the profit driven system.

Now having delved much deeper into the issues, it is crystal clear to me we have reached a point where the drive for profit is actually pushing us backwards.

The signs this is happening are things like loss of concorde and the space shuttle, and other great Engineering icons.

The desire of humanity to have those things has not changed, but their business case has.

Unfortunately, we seem to have an uphill struggle to try to educate others on this, as our voices are not promoted on the only established platforms in this deeply flawed system.

Instead, we are subjected to a storm of mostly silent gaslighting, which can be discouraging.

I hope you will not be discouraged, it really is the only possible, inevitable solution, and yet it has such huge benefits.

I struggle now to understand why we delay another second in getting on with the job as a united species.

All power to your elbow, thanks for posting.


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