Gotta be careful not to fall into the trap of trying to fix problems by removing the words (or the artifacts) characterising them, look at structural racism for example.

It is probably necessary to feel some dissatisfaction on noticing we keep falling over the same words characterising a problem, and the offending items obviously would disappear if the problem is really fixed.

But it seems we can become complacent when the offending characteristics are removed first, without fixing the problem.

In the case of planetary pollution, colonialism, racism, inequality, global corruption, failure to respond to covid, in fact pretty much all of the problems we see (even gender warfare!), we should see all of those things are symptoms of the real problem, there is a single underlying driver; the economy of greed.

As long as we practice it, the problems will remain, though probably for not for much longer, of course, nothing is a problem any longer after we cease to exist.

We seem to have reached the point where either we change from that problematic greedy economy, or we perish as a species.

All conversations wishing to see a fix to any of those issues should by now, be centering around how to change the economy.

We won’t do it by no longer using the words that describe it, words like usury, for example.

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