Good to know your thoughts, backed by relevant professional experience Tim, thanks for posting.

I would argue we are seeing something never seen before.

Things have moved on, even since 2008.

Now that we are more effectively networked, the potential power of every individual to add value to our world is multiplied to some degree by that of every other (Metcalfe’s law), enabling us to individually trade in markets, amongst other things.

A much higher proportion of people now have practical access to trading markets than ever.

National “Debts” are higher than they have ever been. Higher than can conceivably be paid, in fact.

And what is debt, after all. Why should anyone expect a return on anything given out, when nature doesn’t work that way?

Money works as a kind of empowerment, enabling each of us to add value to our world, and our species.

Energy serves the empowerment function in nature.

Nature does not ask, or expect for energy given out to be returned.

The thing we really seem to have wrong with money, especially now in the presence of the internet, is to not emulate the action of its natural empowerment twin; energy.

Energy comes from the sun, and all things in nature (with the exception of humans!) add value to nature, using the energy of the sun in a non-returnable way.

So why do we try to preserve money, hogging it in various forms to ourselves as individuals? Why do we think it is something to be possessed, rather than something to be used productively?

It only generates value for us as a species when it is used.

I have written a series of articles, how we might convert to this more natural form of money, by demanding it for free, from issuing authorities, the stock markets will become driven by something new, a democratic wish to support the things we believe are valuable to the world.

It is complex to explain, but the end result is that free money is moving us from trading in scarcity, to trading on reputation, and that can become a form of worldwide democracy, adding incredible value to the world.

It probably seems reckless, but even if we don’t immediately feel like spending everything we own, we should keep demanding free money from the issuing authorities.

Free money obtained indefinitely, will make us less inclined to worry about declining asset prices, because with assured, free-flowing, free money, why would we need to have anything else? Indeed, why would the issuers even wish to stay in work, if issuance could be automated, they themselves being also recipients of free money?


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