Good stuff, thanks for posting. I have a feeling we think very much alike on these things.

Firstly, we know the power of the information of the crowd is wasted. As Metcalfe himself once said, “The profit from a network bears no indication of the value of the network”.

Secondly, I think we agree Ai is being abused simply harvesting human information data for profit, when the real value in the information is in it!s collaborative potential to create all manner of valuable things.

I’ve written a fair bit on these subjects also in my own journey to realisation, here in Medium, mostly unnoticed I think, due to no profit in it for platforms. I will post a link to the index if you are interested to have a look.

The most exciting development for me is the possibility now of everyone, assisted by an open source personal Ai, on a smartphone, using their own cryptocurrency generators to encode their own data as a form of cryptocurrency unique to their own identity, which can still be combined with that of others, and analysed by a further grand open source network ai, designed to synthesise and formulate collaborative creations whilst evaluating the relative value of individual contributions.

In time, the currencies of all would have real value, which would increase according to whichever useful projects they were known to be involved in.

Thus all people could have infinite income. That might sound strange or even impossible to zero sum thinkers normally thinking in terms of profit, loss, credit etc, but it is not so strange when we realise that the energy available to us from the sun is continuous and infinite, and this is the source of all life, for eternity. Why not expect all life to continuously generate infinite value in return, and gear our personal income to that accordingly?

I think once this is done, all humans can be infinitely wealthy, whilst business might still beneficially operate on a competitive zero-sum basis, not only would the crowd have potentially infinite wisdom, but also infinite wealth, with which to commission standard business to produce new products, i.e. things desired by the crowd.

Dog-eat-dog might be good for business, but it definitely isn’t good for people, or even dogs.

Let’s keep up some valuable dialog. I would be interested to know your thoughts on all of that.


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