Good observations though some conclusions I would question.

Assuming taxes will have to go up, and that money supply is necessarily finite, implies zero- sum economy, which it mostly has been to date.

However with the internet and electronic money we now have all people connected in a kind of electronic wealth distribution network, and with the stimulus we initially saw what had previously always been an investment market, overrun by people donating free money to bankrupt companies, neglecting things like oil. We also saw a brief recovery of the environment, and the value of the stimulus went up, not down, contrary to conventional expectations.

There is a source of infinite free wealth, the sun, which can fund limitless free money.

By committing to world scale solar implementation, an IOU can be written to our planet, representing world debt, and the historical energy removed from our planet by humanity, energy which was put there for free by the sun in the first place.

That IOU can only be paid back down by effective implementation of solar power, there is no other way.

But, with a commitment and with the mechanism already in place to do just that, the money issuance taps can be turned back on again right now, to again see the beneficial effects seen with massive stimulus.

The economy from that point on becomes an infinite donation economy in which the function of all people is the effective distribution of wealth to the things they see as valuable via the markets, all sourced flexibly from the free energy of the sun.

The implications of that are huge, all positive, a different world worth sacrificing any personal fortune for.

All people could then literally be paid to stay at home and behave, in the eyes of the funding majority, eliminating all forms of criminal behaviour, all ideas and need for ownership, all need to invest, with all good ideas finally funded, leading to preemptive cures for future illness and even immortality, interplanetary travel, etc, etc, all with the full approval of all people.

Of course all poverty and all environmental pollution are also quickly eliminated in that new scenario.

It is time to realise we need to open our minds to a bigger, better world than has ever been possible with the ideas of controlled scarcity.

Time to leave the zero-sum mindset behind.


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