Good article Remy. I agree the case for blockchain technology enabling and assisting solar technology has to be one of the most exciting to date. On the solar panels which might not actively be converting solar energy to electricity; I wonder if there might be a case for looking at the effect of the solar thrust on such panels. If the panels are not absorbing the photons, then they must be reflecting them. So logically there will be a difference in how much pressure is experienced by panels not doing much conversion, relative to those busy absorbing and converting. Panels are more likely to be in this more reflective state later in the day, after fully charging whatever batteries they might be connected to. So, as the planet turns round, there will be a net positive thrust, however small, encouraging the rate of planetary revolution to increase. This would be a good thing. As I’ve touched on in another post; it might somewhat counter whatever negative mechanisms are currently causing the planetary motion to slow down (Evidenced by our need to insert increasing numbers of leap seconds in nuclear clocks since 1972, to keep them in sync with our terrestrial timescale).


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