Good article, obviously well researched. It is a good attempt to try to extrapolate trends to date, to predict the future.

Something missed I think, is that crypto-currency technology is still very much in infancy. It is still far from reaching a conclusion.

Where the technology itself appears to be headed, is towards empowering communities, non-profit communities that generate their own wealth from within.

It is profit seeking activities that cause most of the privacy issues we see. After all, every entity snooping, does so to try to protect or promote what are ultimately financial interests.

There appears a common theme amongst failed crypto-projects, they are the ones that were designed only for making a profit.

The ones designed to empower communities appear the strongest. Those communities tend to have self policing qualities, where practices likely to damage the value of the community are discouraged by the majority, who seek to preserve the value of the community.

This is surely causing a mindshift away from always seeking profit. A life self-funded within a successful crypto-currency community, is surely a very attractive alternative to always seeking to amass wealth from others, even to the most “successful” of conventional business folk.

If we extrapolate that mindset shift, from the few that it currently is, to the many it might be in the future, we see that in the future there might be much less of a desire to always seek profit from others, therefore less of an inclination to snoop.

So folk might feel less nervous about who is interested in their online presence.


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