Good Article Nathan, thanks for posting. For me it can’t be stressed enough; we have to funnel some serious resources towards converting pretty much all power generation to direct sun power, one way or another, very soon before it is too late.

I wonder how the outlays in energy consumption and time needed to construct the conversion infrastructure would compare with current projections of how long we have before climate change becomes irreversible?

The technical problems of how to squeeze more energy into storage etc. would be very quickly overcome if real money was poured into the development. The basic technology is there, improvement just takes investment.

Also, clouds are not an issue if the equator was to be carpeted, with supporting air-conned smart cities underneath, and the power distributed to the rest of the world from there.

We’ve tried to recreate the process of fusion that powers the sun, and come up short. In that respect, the sun is definitely not humble, it is a natural marvel that we can’t replicate, since the power needed to create and maintain forces like the gravital forces controlling the sun’s plasma require more energy to maintain than we can get out of a fusion plant in our relatively low gravity.

The single source of all our energy in the solar system is the sun.

It is crazy we have not yet used it properly.

If only a fraction of the funds spent on fusion research over the past thirty years or so had been spent instead on converting Earth to sun power.

I think the main problem is the mentality that all power must be supplied at profit. That zero-sum game kind of falls down when we think energy and power are forms of wealth, and we could all have it all for free, much more of it than we could ever know what to do with.

What value would an investment be if we had free wealth on tap? Would profit even still have meaning?

Which investors can be persuaded with that kind of reality?


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