Good article Mike, thanks for posting. Ironically the market has not been free for years due to monopolies. Even less so when government steps in to try to eliminate competition to those monopolies.

These tactics seem less and less like legitimate business, more and more like gangster turf wars.

I suspect the ban on Huawei, manufacturers of the first mocap enabled smartphone, will escalate to many others, like HTC, manufacturers of the world’s first crypto-enabled phone.

Ironically, it is western business that will lose out on the innovation in those products.

Is Elon aware of the capability and cost effectiveness of flash Lidar, which has enabled mocap in a phone? The question still stands.

Also, the richer end of western consumers will still be able to buy all of these products through outlets like Ali Baba, and we can bet those plan B operating systems will not render the devices incapable of user “upgrades” with whichever OS they choose.

And what about our cleverest minds, the ones who aspire to be working on the latest technologies? We should expect maybe also a brain-drain there.


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