Good article. Personally I believe this is a unfortunate side effect of an economic system that puts everyone in the predatory mode of profit seeking throughout life.

There is a technological approach to reversing this, improving community spirit. It involves using all of our clever technologies like smartphones equipped with Ai and etc (Which are normally working hard for some 3rd party to profit from us), to our own use, to monitor our own activities and the activities of the others in our community, in a non-profit way, monetising those activities with a crypto-currency token which has real market value, paying everyone to do things that the community shows appreciation of.

The end result is everyone being paid for their activities towards the community, adding value to the community. So it offers people an alternative option of making an income, other than always seeking profit.

It might sound complicated, but there is at least one system in development (one is my own “VRENAR”), based on a non-profit form of social media, which are in development to do it.


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