Good article Caitlin. While I agree with most of what you’ve said, I would caution against putting too much credit in what is called AI. Things currently bundled under that term are still just clever algorithms, powerful tools with no internal motivation or drive to influence, as yet, controlled by relatively small privileged communities who wish to maintain that privilege.

Logically, if/when a real AI is ever created, there will only be one relative to us, and it will be uncontrollable by humans. We would be at it’s mercy. But that does not mean it would be hostile. We could never be a threat to it. I think our entertainment value there would be much higher.

As a religious believer myself in the ultimate good of technology, I would point out there appears to be a crowd-driven democratic technology counter-movement going on, in the form of blockchain and crypto-currency technologies, in which Assange himself may even have been instrumental in creating.

Those are proving very difficult for banks, big business, and governments alike to deal with. The reason for that is that they cannot control the data and information in those networks. They cannot restrict, censor, or charge for any part of it, despite their best efforts. All they can do is mindlessly block the traffic where possible, to disrupt peer-to-peer networks, hence perhaps their recent move to remove net neutrality. I know this because for more than twenty years, I have worked as an integral part of many of those communities as a Systems Engineer, and Systems/Business Architect, so am intimately familiar with their profit making aspects. Hence also my current effort to switch from working for profit, to non-profit community working myself. I believe the writing is truly on the wall for neoliberalism. One could argue it has served a purpose, to get us where we are, but it is time now for change. We know it, they know it, everyone knows it.

Sorry that turned out to be a lengthy response, but I hope it might help add some clarity to the nature of the problem, maybe even some optimism.


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