Good analysis, thanks for posting.

I think it could be improved though, if you had some more information on what is the solution.

At the time of massive stimulus, a new population of traders entered the markets, and traded with seemingly no regard for what conventional traders saw as sound investments. Gold and Bitcoin both languished, oil prices went negative for the first time ever, and shares in well known yet bankrupt companies soared, as well as the dollar price itself also increased.

They were donating, rather than investing.

Also at that time we saw a brief spike of recovery in the environment.

We saw a glimpse of the world as it could be, if scarcity was removed.

And it can be, forever, very simply.

The global financial debt is actually an energy debt to our planet, for the energy we took and continue to take out of it, which was given to it for free by the sun (virtually all we ever used).

Look at the world energy consumed counters, and world debt counters, and consider them as one and the same, scaled by energy market values.

The only way it can be repaid is by the same source, the sun, which donates all energy for free.

So our debt is actually an IOU to our planet, which can get much bigger, but which can be paid back down and even reversed, by effective solar power implementation.

We already routinely have the technology to build massive, freely scaleable solar infrastructure, itself driven by solar power. Don’t let anyone try to tell you otherwise!

So all that needs to be done is to demand the free money, and all else falls into place.

The free money will be demanded very shortly, by many millions, when the full impact of incomes lost becomes unbearable.

After that, we’ll be rid of scarcity, once and for all. Not long now.


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