Good advice! Thanks for posting. The above scenario is so true.

I am not short of childhood traumas myself.

I do think of those traumas and necessary self sufficiency from an early age as the reason I prefer the instability of freelancing, or entrepreneurialism as I prefer to call it. I actually feel richer for that, though so far it has often been a struggle, it is also a gift.

My own extended experiences of that struggle have made me realise that there is a much bigger collective issue, one of widespread suppression of creativity throughout humanity, which has implications far greater than most can imagine, possibly even key to our long term survival as a species.

This is also what has convinced me that a higher purpose of seeking to free up that widespread locked-in creativity of humanity, not just for me, but for everyone in the future, is a higher goal worth pursuing, rather than just for ourselves.

Your story appears to go a little down that road. I hope you feel suitably rewarded for posting it, even if not financially, though that will be great if it happens also of course.

I hope, indeed trust, that one day even in our current respective lifetimes, we will look back on the days before the grand release of the true creativity of all humanity, and really, we’ll wonder, with more than a little pride, how the hell we survived.


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