Giving you the benefit of the doubt, I guess you actually believe what you are saying.

Firstly, you should be aware there are two flavours of dystopia, the Huxley kind, and the Orwell kind.

It doesn’t matter which kind you have when they converge, as seems to be happening, more or less, all over the world.

Both kinds rely on you seeing only the information they wish to tell you.

If you could see all of the truths we see from outside, maybe you would not feel so inclined to defend one or the other, both are equally bad.

To see from outside, it is best to go outside, but unfortunately it might be a little late for that, given the reluctance we have in the rest of the world for accepting visitors from the great America right now.

So, in absence of being able to visit, I would suggest you have a look at some press from one or two of the places you think might be so evil in the world, like Cuba, for example, which has been under brutal sanctions by the great US for more than fifty years.

America is now the colonial giant of the world, brutalising all economies which dare to be different, taking what it wants, whenever it wants, just like we used to do (the Brits), when we were the giants of colonialism, enslaving most of the world, including the great America.

Or are you afraid to look at that?


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