Giving up Taking

Answering how we are gonna get from all taking, to all giving

How, in a society built on the simple principle of taking, do we get to a more sophisticated society, built on giving?

Is such a thing even possible, we might ask.

But still we need only look at nature, and the action of the sun, to see it works in exactly that way.

Nothing in nature colonises anything. Nothing is passed on at ransom to anything else.

Debt, and profit, have no meaning in nature.

Yet that is what our economy has become; an incredible spectrum of ways to take from our fellow humans.

We have become so focused on thinking up ever more clever ways to do that, we’ve ignored the way nature works, as well as an infinity of other things we might have been thinking about, if we were free to do so.

The simple mechanism of profit has historically lead through trade agreements, onto colonialism, slavery, wars, famine, mass vulnerability to disease, and now saddled with the latter, we are finally facing even the end of all planetary life.

Thanks to the internet, we can all see this truth now, so clearly.

We know it must change, and quick, but how, exactly?

Some indications were seen, during the cessation of the bulk of business, near the onset of covid.

The US embarked on a program of issuing several Trillion per month stimulus.

For the first time ever, we saw previously unprivileged people trading in stock markets with free money. We saw negative oil prices, at the same time as bankrupt company stocks soaring.

Experienced traders at the time called those inexperienced traders “Losers”, as they would almost certainly lose their money, rather than making any gain.

But the money they traded with was free.

So who were the losers?

The same previously privileged traders who sat on their assets.

The prices of those assets, such as gold and Bitcoin, languished, and continued to do so, throughout the earlier part of the financial crisis that covid brought.

This is despite the conventional argument that prices are pushed up by scarcity.

When we see asset prices sustained, we see fiat value diminished, and vice-versa.

Therefore we have to conclude the two things are somewhat mutually exclusive.

So the question now comes down to whether asset values should be maintained, or whether fiat values should be maintained.

Finally, we are starting to see that the issuing of money is positively related to the value of that money, and that what is required, is for the money issuing taps to be turned on, and left on. After all, who needs assets, if money can be freely issued, indefinitely.

And there is the rub; we instinctively know that the money has to come from something, some identifiable source of wealth.

So here we might conclude that money serves the same purpose as energy; it empowers.

But our energy is currently from finite sources, it needs expensive labour and industry to produce it.

So we need that energy to be free, in order to keep issuing free money, which mimics its action by empowering us.

The true energy source of all things is the sun, and it happens to be free.

So there we see the solution.

By equating money directly with energy, we can justify free money given out now as a kind of credit, issued on the condition that in the very near future, it can be paid back in the form of free energy.

In fact, that is the only way it can be paid back.

There, the banks and accountants will find a way to continue the principle of accounting and balance, which has always required that for all things paid out, there must be something paid in.

So everyone can be happy.

The whole of humanity really can finally have its cake, and eat it, by directly equating our use of money with our use of energy, and by sourcing that directly from the sun.

Further, that solution removes the problem of global pollution, since the energy from the sun is clean, and a small portion of the surplus wealth it generates will cover repairing the damage done to our environment historically.

Finally, humanity can be united, to be rewarded universally for pursuing our greater goals such as immortality, and interplanetary travel, without seeking to profit from one another.



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