Give us a Date!

Considerations towards determining an important future date

Frederick Bott
3 min readFeb 19, 2023


A future date is becoming clear.

If you’ve read and understand the main story showing how and why solar backed stimulus needs to be issued, then you’ll understand that it will have to happen pretty much worldwide, all at the same time.

The same story applies to the economies and energy systems of every developed country, even China.

This is a proven, physical, systemic process, progressively removing all value from money in its current form, which although not yet recognised or accepted by conventional (Profit driven) science, it is undeniable, evidenced by data, a product of the hard mathematical laws of the physics of nature.

Inflation, for the first time in history, has a fundamental underlying mechanism, directly related to the energy we use.

There is only one fix; money has to change, from representing capital, to representing energy.

For that will be needed universal support.

A majority of folk across all walks of life, from the richest to the poorest, and those in power, will have to come to some kind of consensus, on when we will make this jump, from Money-as-debt/capital, to Money-as-sunlight.

This will be the day we will always recognise as the day we really went from Capitalism, to Energyism; the actual date of transition, moving our dependence from the energy of our planet, to the energy of its environment.

We might see this as the birth of humanity, from an infant dependent on its mother host, like anything born, moving to the next phase of development.

Or we might just see it as survival.

Either way it has to happen, so we need to have a date, for when it will happen.

The longer that date is delayed, the more death and misery has to occur.

How to set that date, is the challenge in hand.

I am inclined to develop the analysis of the “50Bn UK black hole”, linked above, to try to establish when we might expect the ongoing increasing losses, as experienced by those in power, will begin to make the switch look attractive to them personally.

Because after all, it is they who hold all of the options, so it is they who must agree that it is time to make the switch, yes?

So my efforts now will be towards trying to establish such a date.

All opinions and other contributions, even hostile, much appreciated.

Especially from established scientists, please do pitch in with your thoughts, whatever they be, or if you prefer to lead by your own analysis, pls do post a link to it, I would really appreciate others taking on, or taking part in the effort.