Geo, I don’t really see it as a question of what is in it for me, but what is in it for us.

Society seems to have gone down a very unhealthy profit driven path that increasingly divides and isolates us from one another as we go through life, individually trying to climb an ever growing hierarchical tree, away from ground level, in search of profit, most often at the expense of others.

The best collaborations we see, and the people happiest in life (provided they do not feel abused), are those at the ground level, the ordinary people, where we are more interested in what we can gain as a community together rather than what we might gain as individuals at the expense of others.

I think the future lies in this kind of non-profit collaboration, working together as a worldwide community, not joined together at the top by various alliances comprising individuals with only self interest at heart, but person to person, appreciating one another’s differences, and realising that everyone has value, rather than trying to make us all the same.

I believe this is the future. I believe young people know this, as they look upwards from the bottom of the tree, seeing it is more daunting than ever.

Also, technology will play a large part in it. Distributed ledger ecology systems hold the promise of equally distributed money, with automatically administrated democracy, giving equal accessibility to all, not just Banks and the priveliged.

I think more and more people are seeing this, though not all might be ready yet to jump out of their niche in the tree to ditch the old ways of doing things for the new.

A proper Brexit will be a good shake of the tree, forcing many of us to rethink what we want in life, especially those of us with children, approaching the bottom of the tree with all of their friends, looking up with dread.

Bring it on.


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