From Stage Zero to Stage One.

An Engineering take, on how we will get over COVID, together with all of the other current challenges to humanity.


What the hell does it mean?

To get near an answer, we only need simple logic. (Bear with me, this is a necessary consideration)

As an Engineer, I am a strong believer in parallel thinking.

To me, us humans were obviously Engineered.

When we work on safety Systems, with specialist Safety Engineers, we are plunged into the fundamental ideas of risk, and how to mitigate it.

Quickly, we learn one of the fundamental tools is System Redundancy.

There, we see how parallel threads of processing make a system more robust.

More parallel threads, doing similar things, give us a more robust system.

Humanity is a particularly robust species, and system, relative to others on Earth.

So it is logical that we have an awful lot of parallel processes going on, in the population.

That is democracy at work.

When one human is thinking something, chances are, they are not the only one. It is overwhelmingly likely that many others are thinking similar things.

There, we see a kind of collective awareness.

Which takes us a little closer to the idea of spiritualism.

When we look closer at what safety actually means, it is the idea of protecting humans.

The highest value safety critical systems, are those with the highest levels of protection, and safety.

There we see the idea of human value.

All safety critical systems are Engineered with that as the highest priority.

Again logically, a safety critical system is a lot more expensive than any which are not safety critical. We can see implementing redundancy alone multiplies the system cost, regardless of any other measures taken.

But in safety critical systems, cost comes second to human safety.

And there is the dilemma.

If a safety critical system cannot be implemented at reasonable cost, i.e. at profit, in our profit-based economic system, then it is not developed.

Thus humanity is left at higher risk.

So we see an economic system which is enforcing increased hazard, and thus obviously reduced value, now structurally emburdening humanity.

Logically, the profit driven system itself is the thing at fault.

Put simply, profit does not align with human value. In fact, it is almost the complete opposite.

We establish what drives profit, the reason we have it, and the reason it has endured so long, and we start to see how it can be undone.

It is a mindset.

It is exactly the same kind of mindset as is formally recognised in other fields, as an addiction.

The practice of profit appears no different from the experience one might have in a Casino.

When we win, we get a rush of dopamine which is highly addictive.

When we win persistently, we develop a tolerance, requiring ever more of it to satisfy our demand for it.

It has been practiced for so long that now, thousands of years, hundreds of generations have been born into it, and the capability of individually consciously recognising it for the dangerous addiction it really is, appears long buried.

I am an individual thinking this.

And we have redundancy of thinking, per the logic above.

So I am not the only one.

You are reading this, so you are thinking it too, no matter whether or not you are on a winning or losing streak.

This is spirituality.

This is how we defeat harmful addictions.

We will beat the profit monster, as we have to, to survive.

The Engineers amongst us, with similar, parallel thinking, will come up with solutions just like mine, needed to lift us out of the profit driven depression, where in the future we will swat things like COVID like a fly, a very minor blip in collective health, and with zero effect on our future economic progress, which will have development rates many times any we’ve seen previously, with all people united.

There is a path that needs to be taken, to get us back on the track of progressive human development, a path that takes us back to recognising what is really of human value, and it has nothing to do with profit, everything to do with spirituality.

That path is a development track.

In Systems and Enterprise Engineering terminology, we call this process system migration. It is a system upgrade.

We identify the system that we have; the legacy system.

(Where we are; stage 0 of the Kardashev Scale)

Then we identify the system we need; the target system.

(Where we need to be; stage 1 of the Kardashev Scale)

We compare those two, to establish the differences, from one to the other.

And we use those differences to identify the path that has to be followed, to navigate each difference, to get from our current system, to the target system.

That process begins with free money (Per my feature story, and others linked from there), and ends with us having plugged completely into the sun as our single source of energy.

That done, we will be truly robust to all of the future challenges to humanity.

That done, we will finally be on stage one of the Kardashev Scale.

This article began with the idea of spirituality, and will end with it, just as our journey from Stage 0 to stage 1 must.

We see the COVID crisis beating us up with every decision made, to put profit before human life.

In safety Engineering, as mentioned, we are taught that a single human life lost, as a result of a system failure, is unacceptable.

In no situation, should human life ever come second, to anything else.

Reducing loss of human life should be the number one concern, regardless of cost.

We all know this subconsciously, collectively.

As long as we override that subconscious knowledge, we are attacking our spirituality.

There, is the real danger.

Where expenditure of human life becomes acceptable, we see all manner of inhumanities.

Soon, war becomes acceptable, and human development again takes a leap backwards, all driven by profit.

The obsession with profit is a crisis of spirit.

Neither we, nor our planet, can afford another war.

To avoid that, we need to stop attacking our spirituality.

That begins, when we start to pay everyone to stay at home, to avoid further unnecessary loss of life, with free money, paid on credit against future free energy from the sun.

There is no other path.

We all know this.

Our spirit knows it.


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