Population; 1.393 Billion

Coronavirus deaths; 6.3K


Population; 328 Million (around 1/5 of China)

Coronavirus deaths; 65K and counting (almost ten times China)

So we see the death rate in US due to coronavirus, per head of population, is around fifty times that seen in China, so far.

I struggle to understand how it can be believed that China cares less about life than the US, given those statistics.

The same death rate in China, per head of population would have resulted in around three million deaths in China alone.

Can you imagine how much worse it would be for us in the rest of the world, if that had been the case?

All I can say is thank God the disease did not start in the US, or even here in UK for that matter.

Our hats should be off to China for how well it actually nipped the disease in the bud, in their country.

That we are doing so much worse, is something we should be very ashamed of.


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