From Enginer to Engineer, a bit of systems analysis and project planning should lead you quickly to the conclusion that you could very early in a large scale solar project, be powering the manufacture of your solar panels, by solar energy from panels implemented earlier. Did you miss that? The movie obviously did.

Personally, I am sick to the teeth of hearing folk try to argue solar will never work, because frankly, it has to. The sun is where all energy comes from, it has to be collected at source, if we are to protect our environment.

There is no alternative. Keep burning fossil fuels and we are finished.

I dont know if you had any lockdown, but if you did, and you have lived for forty years or more, you would have noticed smells in the air which were missing for at least thirty years, the smell of nature, as it should be.

I certainly did.

We could have that back again if we just get smart and start working as a united humanity on the issues.


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