From Bankers to Policemen

We read today the juicy story of Deutsche bank being “slammed” with $150 million fine for its questionable dealings with Jeffery Epstein, allowing his criminal activities to go on, through his accounts with them.

Looks like a delicious story of inter-elite cannibalism, in the face of a world in turmoil at their hands.

Most of us probably have no sympathy for either Epstein, Deutsche Bank, or even the party demanding the fine.

I am no exception.

But I couldn’t get some mischievous questions out of my head.

So here they are, out of my head:

When, exactly, were Banks appointed as policemen, to decide who or what are criminals, carrying out criminal activity? When did this become a responsibility of theirs?

Wasn’t their function, once upon a time, just to look after our valuables?

How the hell did we get here, with Banks now appointed with the power to literally kill people, by removing their ability to use money, of any kind, depending only on their own unquestionable judgement?

Could we ever have imagined, how much our view of banks would have to change, from the days we used to look affectionately at our little china piggy banks, holding our spare change?

Doesn’t it feel just a little like we were deceived?

Shouldn’t our business be none of their business?

Bring on the free money.


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