Free Money, and Peace, or Capitalism, and War. Which is Preferred?

It might look like this is a leading question.

But when things are fully analysed, we see it is not.

The markets have changed, with newly opened access of ordinary people to trading, and with the free money already issued, to a place where people can at last truly vote, to show what is important to them.

Free money has allowed ordinary people to show that they see money as being far more important than capital, such as gold or Bitcoin stocks.

Now, those sitting on capital think that they have much to lose by allowing that trend to continue.

That includes those leading government and business, all around the world.

For free money to run its course, towards empowing all people, becoming something free-flowing, like energy, which it can literally become, the people of all countries can now evaluate it similarly, via the markets.

That means free money must continue to be issued, in all countries, with nothing asked in return.

That is how a “Crash” in any one country can be avoided, forever, whilst the values of any one currency is set against the purchasing powers of all the others, the value of any single currency is set by how useful the people of the world see it as being.

Now, the capitalists, fearing devaluation of their capital, are seeking a way out, a way to “Stop the rot” as they see it, of free money, a way to continue holding people to ever more tenuous promises of compensation, or enslavement, in return for the money given.

So we see all the red flags, and hear all the whispers, of war.

In the face of all the other hazards already facing humanity as a direct result of the incessant drive to do “Business by profit”, can we really afford another war?

Even if there was somehow survivors from the biggest ever world war between humans, what would be the world remaining? Polluted, forever, with a continuing fatal business model, perpetuating slavery, assuring the continued suicide of the remaining human species.

Of course we cannot afford that. No one can. Not even the capitalists.

So the capitalists absolutely must be convinced, not to take us to war.

They have to be convinced, to chill out, to smile and wave, enjoy their privelige to keep printing, and handing out the free money.

By that, there is nothing to lose, and everything to gain, for all of us.

Otherwise, there is everything to lose, for all of us.



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