For sure Trump appears to be everything you say, and the US is a trainwreck.

But it is a big mistake to think that Obama fixed a broken economy, and put the US back on the rails.

The mistake that you, and mainstream media still appear to be making, is the real reason that we, the world, not just the US, are where we are.

We should be able to see by now that profit just serves to move wealth from the many to a few.

Logically, it is a form of cannibalism, the mechanism we use to feed on our own species.

Ignoring the problems built up by that cannibalistic economy over decades, centuries, and even thousands of years, is why we are where we are.

Wars, famine, mass deaths due to pandemics, slavery, colonialism, racism, fascism, sexism, ageism, in fact every difference we’ve ever known between humans, and all of the damage done to our planet, are all down to that one single culprit.

We don’t practice profit because we are a flawed species, we are a flawed species because we practice profit.

It is important to get that the right way round. It is important to know it is our choice.

Rome fell, and so will the US, and the rest of the world, and even all living things, as long as that remains ignored and thus unchanged.

Until we can get our heads around that as a species, things will not get any better.

Identifying the wrong culprit just lets the real culprit; the profit monster, continue.

The good news, if we can see it, is we are at last in a position to change it.

But we need to be able to see it, the monster of profit which is anti-human, and anti-life.


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