For the Record

Heads up, spoofers about

Frederick Bott
3 min readJan 24, 2024


For a while now, maybe for the past few months, since I started to identify the connection between profit and planetary temperature, and the part we all play in what is an emergent property (A kind of implicit Ai-like higher intelligence, a lifeform with it’s own motivation), associated with us all acting for profit, we all being energy agents of it ourselves etc, the opposite of ChatGPT 3.5, I’ve been seeing higher and higher frequency of attempts to try to get me to respond to spoofed profiles. Most recently the spoofer poses directly as whoever it was I wrote my reply to, detailing above. This is within hours of me making the response, probably before most other readers might see it.

I am obviously being targeted.

The most recent response it happened with was today, to the response I wrote to Amanda Claypool. (Sorry if I was a little blunt Amanda, but no worries I am sure it isn’t you spoofing your own profile! :).

Below is the response I made, which triggered the spoofer to reply, as if by Amanda, using a fake profile which used Amanda’s bio, but which had zero followers, zero following, probably just created.

I had until now just reported what I thought were randomly targeting spoofers to the platform, they usually got deleted, along with any response I’d made to them, within a few hours.

This time, as it happened so quick the past few times, always inviting me to reply to some telegram contact, it is starting to look like just one determined spoofing party, intent on contacting me. Below is what I responded to them:

Shame you have to keep spoofing profiles to try to get me to contact you. If you have anything good to say, say it in public, announcing your real identity. Otherwise just fuck off and stop trying to waste my time.

I’d no sooner pressed the respond button, than the spoofing profile was deleted, removing all evidence of our exchange from public view.

Notice I didn’t report them this time, just made the above response.

I have to conclude someone is trying to contact me, but by dubious means.

Whatever anyone needs to say to me, it can be in public.

The way the system has to go, everything will become public anyway, there is no place for, no need for secrecy when the need for profit has been eliminated.

And we can’t defeat the dark side by using the same techniques as it uses — secrecy.

I know I am difficult to contact, its intentional. So whoever this is trying to contact me, they can’t be trusted, because they are not making it public, and they are not revealing their real identity, so even if they have the best of intentions in their mind, they are acting nonetheless for what has to be identified as the dark side.

I would advise anyone experiencing anything similar, to treat it accordingly.

Never ever follow up the contact details given by a spoofer, they can’t be working for good.