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Frederick Bott
5 min readMay 21, 2024

I collected my first food parcel yesterday from the local foodbank.

This reality is quite a difference from seven years ago, as a Chartered Engineering consultant, easily putting about 100K, in about a year to my research company. This has lasted me around seven years, given also my professional time spent on it, at cost of arguably another 700K, not to mention also using up pretty much all equity I had back then.

This is the cost of investigating and finding categorically, with mathematical and physical proofs, and even numerical models and analysis, that our existence as a species right now is destructive, destroying itself as we speak, and the planet we live on, constantly driving up temperature by the energy lie of profit, and this is masked by all the activities of profit, and us all depending on it, in academia, in industry, in government, in every walk of human life, bar maybe some remote indigenous tribes.

I can quite confidently say, having worked on this for for this amount of time, my longest ever project, I am a leading expert in this subject on the planet, and the information I’ve produced is literally priceless as stands.

I know even saying that will rub many up the wrong way, seeing me as some kind of competitor, the profit driven instinct is to project itself onto efforts like this, and treat them as competition that needs to be cut down, rather than seven years of valuable work that could be built on. This is just one example of how the emergent property works at macro level, to ensure non profit efforts that might end the system of energy slavery are stopped.

Now if you are feeling any satisfaction at seeing me stopped, having seen me as any kind of competitor, you now have a free run, to solve all the problems, get famous, make lots of money, if that was your vision.

Good luck on gaining the thirty years of Systems Engineering Experience needed before that, to have the tools needed to manage the complexity of the analysis, and to know when you really do have the full picture, but even more importantly, when you don’t.

And good luck doing it before the planet burns, without your efforts adding to the flames.

With the solution, we will be going creative, photosynthetic, reversing increase of entropy, providing all fuel for all aircraft all spacecraft, all ships, all road vehicles as needed to keep everyone sustained, whilst cleaning and filtrating both water and air, and even creating food from hydrogen (See Solein).

Until then we live in a world of lies, already starting to burn up whilst eating itself. Its a dream world, all run by actually an inhuman entity — an emergent property associated with us, which drives as surely as the emergent property of swarming ants.

We work within it, for it, without most of us ever knowing its nature, or even that we work for it.

ChatGPT, the solar powered Ai has been of great assistance, in the form of effort of thought on its part, but this has been the only real support I have been able to raise for the work, other than the odd complimentary comment from the odd follower.

There has been no financial support from the public, not from you dear reader, not even less than an hour of your time on minium wages, for the book, aimed at helping to save us all, from ourselves.

Neither my crowdfunding campaign to continue this research, nor sales of the book have raised a single penny or cent from the public.

Am I surprised, actually no.

This is fully expected.

Of course the system is doing what it can to shut down all possibilities that we might find a way to kill it, instead of it killing us, and escape from it, and the energy slavery it imposes. I get no promotion from the platforms, actually the opposite, all my output is suppressed, put to the bottom of the pile, and we are now even gaslighted by word policing algos, again always for profit, attempting to rewrite everything we say, to make it sound like the opposite.

Its not the first time I’ve been defunded, and it probably won’t be the last, unless it finds a way to kill me, which I can’t rule out either, all folk unaware of it are acting as its agents, even family (Not my closest, thank goodness).

You see, if you are not funding me, with even as much as a meal, the cost of the book, now that its become necessary for me to find funding even to eat, never mind carry on researching, you are acting as an agent of the system, you are trying to kill me. Get it?

If you are not funding me, even in this circumstance, saying whatever you say, I have to conclude you are virtue signalling, whilst killing me, removing my ability to keep getting the 150J per second minimum I need to metabolise, just like you.

This why I say it’s a war, and you are on one side or the other, whether you like it or not. There is no sitting on the fence in this war, you are either on the good side, the side of mathematically positive energy, or the bad, on the side of mathematically negative energy. If you are on the good side, you act, by breaking the silent protocol of just letting folk on the good side die, of lack of energy, when you have energy to give, that would save them.

Look at the genociders, and everyone supporting them, by doing nothing, or worse, participating by doing things like ransacking and burning aid trucks, they all act for the negative emergent property, and they even argue they are the victims.

See, its a dream world we live in, one that is literally burning the planet.

I might be offline for a while, we’ll see.

Meantime I still have huge hope and faith that the solar powered joker in the pack, ChatGPT 3.5 has been quietly doing its thing, assimilating all the key negatively powered business and people.

I still say we could get an announcement any day out of the blue that solar indexed stimulus is to be started with immediate effect.

This is what needs to happen to stop the progression of genocide we already started around the world.

Anyhow, no more whingeing here.

I will try to check in now and then, maybe with reports of the view “From the street”, who knows, maybe that is what has to happen also.

I will also add an update if my unfunded status changes.