There is a very simple explanation of the Fermi paradox.

Of course there has to be other life out there, probably far more advanced than us.

Just because we can’t see them doesn’t mean they can’t see us.

Something we learn more, as time goes on, is not so much what we know, but what we don’t know.

This surely applies to all forms of intelligent life. The more advanced, the greater the driver to learn more, including by trading with other intelligent forms of life.

As long as we continue to squabble with, and exterminate one another of our own, as well as swathes of the other species we share our planet with, endangering even our planet itself, all over finite planetary resources, whilst largely ignoring we have the technology to capture infinite wealth from the energy source that is our sun, we have nothing to offer.

We currently would not qualify as an intelligent lifeform.

Therefore we are not a credible trading partner, but more an unfortunate blight on our planet.

I think that would be plain enough for intelligent life to see, and there may be no sense in interfering.

Our immediate emergency mission has to be to sort ourselves out, so that we can undo the damage done to our planet.

Then we would be back in the position of being a credible trading partner.


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