Mike thanks for your applause and comment. In VRENAR, the answer to that question is that neutral line of sight and audio will exist between all users, just like in the real world.

Between users and big business, a crypto interface will exist, giving users complete control over their data and identity. Then businesses on the other side of that interface can bid for users data, whilst still being to authenticate the sources of the data, and users can individually decide which to connect to, and what data to give them.

Conceivably, big businesses could have representative users and/or avatars on the user side of the interface, but they would not have access to personal user data from there. It could only be obtained by subscribing to it from the business side of the interface. I hope that makes sense.

Networked as above, realises the full human value of everyone in the network, freeing them to make their own decisions, thus they are a free market, generating the most valuable data.

The only potentially capable working example of such an interface is IOTA datamarketplace. This is due to the “Inside out blockchain” (Or “Tangle”), it is based on, by nature it works better with more users added, compared with conventional blockchain, which eventually grinds to a halt with more users added.

This would also help business, believe it or not, because the data from a fully functional free market as above would be far more valuable to it, than what currently exists.


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