Camaroon Painted Supporters

Football Killjoy

A rant about how the current FIFA football event relates to the climate and energy problem

Frederick Bott
3 min readNov 24, 2022


Look at these supporters.

Their joy is obvious and infectious, something incredible to behold. I hope the most celebrated and painted team wins, I really do, they deserve it more than anyone.

But behind these scenes of joy are many more scenes of trajedy.

Apparently some people died, in the building of the stadiums prepared for the FIFA fest.

The numbers claimed seem crazy. Reuters puts it at 6500. I struggle to believe that is true, but we have to conclude there must have been some, and that this has been pretty much covered up.

And look at the wealth of Qatar. There was no need to scrimp on worker safety, Qatar is dripping with money.

We have to admit that now, football has moved to another realm, it has gone to the world of profit and big business.

How many people in the world are getting to watch each match, or even only the matches of their particular teams, for free?

None, if the organisers have their way, every second of every scene will be highly monetised, sold to the highest bidders, the most wealthy media owners.

Seeing that side of it isn’t pretty.

But we can’t ignore it, it is all over this tournament. Money, money, money.

Money talks, louder than ever.

Why is Qatar so wealthy?


They still have an awful lot of it to sell.

When it was our own countries in the developed nations living lavishly on our own oil, or even on the oil of other countries, we didn’t notice the inhumanity of it.

But now we are noticing.

What came with that lavish wealth was education.

Education helps us see the problems, and now we are critical of what we see; inhumanity.

We can see the obscenity of profiting by inhumanity.

This thing we call profit, is responsible for an awful lot of inhumanity.

We realise that the working mode of humanity until now, has always been to cull ourselves down to fitting into power heirarchies, led by those with the most wealth, in a zero-sum, winner-takes-all world.

But now the box has been opened, we are allowing the light to shine in, via our technology interfacing us directly with the positive energy source that is the sun, there is an economic war going on, between free energy, and energy by extraction.

We are putting to use free energy generating literally hundreds of billions of dollars worth of business, but as yet issuing no money on that, in an effort to keep pretending it isn’t happening.

When people come to understanding this, the celebrations seen will make those of the Qatar FIFA fest look quite tame.

What it means is that power is transferring to people.

Notice countries like Qatar will have next to zero public solar energy installed, despite being in ideal locations in the world.

Because if they allowed that, they would be giving people power.

Instead, they give what they hope their people will see is something else to celebrate — a football tournament.

A football tournament that cost lots of lives of workers, some even from some of the countries who submitted teams to play, no doubt.

And a football tournament they made an awful lot of money on.

Nature is forcing all of that to an end, not the end of everything, but the end of the power that the historically very wealthy have always used to exploit other humans.

It is doing that by inflation, which will not stop until they give in, and issue money, lots of it, to all people, honestly reflecting the solar energy put to use in the economy.

Qatar and other countries still basking in oil wealth, will find that they quickly have to follow suit.

For now, let them have their fun, we know it is not for much longer.