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  • Steve Senatori

    Steve Senatori

    Resiliency engineer, writer, philosopher, union man, seeker of Truth…

  • Jean Campbell

    Jean Campbell

    Writer by day, reader by night, napper by afternoon.

  • William Szamosszegi

    William Szamosszegi

    Towards better energy and better money. Sustainable Bitcoin. CEO & Cofounder of Sazmining, LLC (https://www.sazmining.com/).

  • Kathy Ayers

    Kathy Ayers

    Exploring ‘Love your neighbor’ and other confounding spiritual principles.

  • Brian Austin

    Brian Austin

    A mystery. Possibly a time-traveller from the future, come back to learn more and experience something different. Or not :-)

  • Wadih Lacroix

    Wadih Lacroix

    Welcome to my lab. I experiment ideas about science, activism, and the climate crisis. In search of a joyful ecology.

  • Solomon of Bifrost

    Solomon of Bifrost

    Founder and Chief Creative of Bifrost Creative Ventures Ltd. Scribe, scholar, and nascent polymath working to widen the bridge.

  • Bohdan Wojciechowski

    Bohdan Wojciechowski

    engineer, writer, scientist, professor

  • Bill Rhodes

    Bill Rhodes

    Retired photojournalist and other really bad habits as required. Rock Chalk Jayhawk. US Coast Guard.

  • Sarah Naghmi

    Sarah Naghmi

    17-year old exploring AI, neurotech, and blockchain. Twitter @SarahN2323

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