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  • Roman Leventov

    Roman Leventov

    Software engineer and designer, author. Working at Northvolt.

  • Joshua Adams

    Joshua Adams

    Joshua Adams is a writer at Colorlines.com from Chicago. UVA & USC. Taught media and communication at DePaul & Salem State. Twitter: @journojoshua

  • Jorche Oliveira

    Jorche Oliveira

    Author of stories related with financial improvement, motivation and personal development. Follow me to read more motivation and inspirational content.

  • Yuri Rodriguez

    Yuri Rodriguez

    Attorney, overeducated, divorced, a lover and a fighter. Fairly woke and open minded. Reading... for the time being.

  • Paco Taylor

    Paco Taylor

    Writes about Eastern and Western pop culture, history and art | Bylines @ Nextshark, G-Fan Magazine, The Beat & CBR (Comic Book Resources) | stpaco@gmail.com

  • Theodorrism


    "Improvement is a Decision." That's my motto in life. Greetings! I am but an aspiring engineer who also finds a flame of passion in writing.

  • Rick Ayers

    Rick Ayers

    Rick Ayers is an associate professor of education at the University of San Francisco.

  • Pedro Domingos

    Pedro Domingos

    Professor of computer science at U. Washington and author of “The Master Algorithm”. pedrodomingos.org

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