Flogging the Dead Horse of Scarcity

So, we all know now, how to eliminate scarcity.

Have the “Authorities” assign all current and future human debt to be paid by appropriate solar power infrastructure, turn on the money taps, and leave them on.

We know this because what the sun supplies is interchangeable with money, information, energy, and matter, and solar infrastructure is effectively infinitely scaleable, since it funds itself, the wealth from it is effectively infinite and endless, whilst removing our environmental burden from the planet.

Though it took me personally about six years, including PhD candidate study, to realise this was the answer to pretty much all things (I am for sure not the brightest!); after we have this information, it is kind of a no-brainer, isn’t it?

Apparently not.

Apparently the dead horse of scarcity needs to be flogged a little longer.

That is done in a variety of ways we’ve seen so often, we’ve almost become blind to it.

So here are some reminders, of what flogging the dead horse of scarcity looks, and sounds like:

  • “Government must make tough choices”.
  • “There are two certainties in life; death, and taxes”.
  • “The tax will need to go up”.
  • “How can ever increasing world debt ever be paid?”.
  • “We can’t afford free money forever”
  • “Covid will be with us forever, because we can’t afford to pay everyone to stay at home, for long enough to defeat it”
  • “Buy Gold!”

“Buy Bitcoin!”

“We just can’t afford it”

  • “We can’t afford to get rid of the need for police by paying all of the criminals free money, forever”
  • “We need to cut your wages”
  • “No we can’t share our research with you”
  • “We will always have wars”
  • “If money is issued for free, the money value will tank, and all business will fail”
  • “You are worthless”
  • “We will always need police”
  • “Saving the environment is gonna be really expensive”
  • “Just sign here”
  • “Soon, very, very soon, we will issue more stimulus”

Yep, heard it all before, and we’ll be hearing it for a while yet, but not forever.

All of the above memes can be found at https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/beating-a-dead-horse




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Frederick Bott


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