Firstly I am surprised it is almost twenty days before I get to see your article, yet it looks, and is dated like something you might have produced in direct response to our previous interchange on this subject around that time in early May.

Naughty Medium. What exactly are those algos up to? I think there is much to be read between the lines here. I would even go as far as to say we might suspect we are onto something when we see glitches in the algos. Did we just hit a nerve in the profit seeking system?

Joe Psotka is absolutely right. He, you, and I, should all be paid for our data, by whomever we choose to entrust with it.

If you still think individual human data is worthless, I would love to know the basis of your reasoning there.

Collecting our data is not difficult, given the multitude of intelligent surveillance techs developed for that purpose, by those with intentions of profiting from it. I trust you agree there.

Fair interpretation of our data can be done by a personal ai assistant assigned to each of us, where that entity is designed by the collective.

Given a large community of people all equipped with that technology to gather their own data; key to monetising it then is labelling the data, to show what contribution it has towards subsequent outcomes which are evaluated by the collective.

For example, if you contributed data towards building a project which resulted in the achievement of a space elevator, which impressed many people, then you should be rewarded for it, even if it was only to say that you liked the idea in the first place, expressed by your supportive interest in the project as it developed from just an idea.

Crypto-currency technology gives us methods of labelling and transforming our data into a monetised form. Thus it can be evaluated and rewarded by the collective.

Rewards could be in the form of a system currency, automatically and calculated by an overal system ai, this again designed by the collective, automatically issued in response to individual data found to have merit as above.

It is not difficult to see how such a world, and the way we interact with one another could be a very different prospect than what it has been to date.

Notice also that the concept of profit does not appear anywhere in this discussion of how to monetise the value of a person’s data.


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