Fascinating read, thanks for posting Andrei.

For me, the letter applied to a time and set of circumstances much different from now, though there might seem some parallels.

The internet has changed everything in a way that a population can no longer be persuaded to go to war, maybe.

Though we might think it is the opposite, with all the dirt slinging seen, it is actually now very difficult for governments to keep the secrets which have to be kept, such as that suppression of Ghandi’s letter, which no doubt was only a smaller one of many secrets kept that added to the case for war.

Imagine where we might really be if anyone believed even half of all the obvious lies, accusations, and misconceptions being slung around now, by pretty much all of the major “Powers”.

Eventually, the hive sorts it out, but it is not a pretty sight.

The truth seems to be coming out, demonstrated in countless forums including this one, where we can, and are publicly discussing what was once suppressed.

A finer point made in Ghandi’s letter, was that not many understand why the world will never be a monopoly.

I thoroughly agree with that statement.

Probably fewer today understand it now than ever before in history.

It has to do with the organisation required for a species to continue eating itself.

At some point, the organisation is eaten.

We can see big bites being taken out of it already.

Not long now, until the madness stops, I believe.

Exciting times, maybe!

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