Fascinating observation Mike, thanks for posting.

I also have detected, as a systems Engineer myself, a seemingly growing lack of comprehension, of the usefulness of system concept design, which can appear to the uninitiated (Especially investors!) as something philosophical, so not worth spending time on.

But it is absolutely necessary, to obtain a system meeting the needs of all stakeholders.

Facebook, is a good example of a system that could have been so much more beneficial, if it had been designed to meet the needs of the majority stakeholders, its members, rather than just those of the owners, a very small minority.

Similarly, the task now underway between all of us, is the concept design of a new system to replace capitalism, which is neither capitalism nor communism, but which meets the needs of the majority, ordinary people, as well as the minority, the elite, allowing all people to meet their full potential.

It isn’t long into that process before we realise that profit, and the need to satisfy that criteria, is not in the interests of the majority, and that it can’t be, by definition.

The inclusion of all people in any system must absolutely eliminate profit.

The pursuit of that system becomes something almost religious, definitely spiritual, driven by faith, studying all of nature to find how it really works, and by that, how our new system must work, to fit in with it in every way.

We all have a part to play in it.


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