Fascinating article, thanks for posting.

I think this technology is far more valuable towards understanding how nature works, rather than the reason the research might have gained funding in the first place, to perhaps make profit by being used directly to try to treat “Mental illness”.

If our society worked the way nature works, with all things rewarded by their true value, including all humans, we would not have the problem of mental illness, I believe.

(I grew up with my mother afflicted throughout my memory, by schizophrenia, so had plenty time to study that myself)

Key to all things, as well as your article, is the function of light in nature.

It is the thing that unlocks all creation, the thing that powers our local universe, from the only source of power, our sun, which gives out that power for free, with nothing asked in return.

Nature works as a system of endless donation, from the sun to all things, which flourish as a result.

Human society could not be more different.

Hence the reason I find myself writing ceaselessly about ways to fix it, lately.

I would really rather be working on technological things, my technical ideas, like I used to do.

But lately that has not been possible, due to funding becoming ever more scarce, in the system built for profit, destined eventually to eat even itself, the best ideas can’t be funded, but the worst certainly can, and evidently are.

(Nuclear, all of which is weaponry, for example).

So I write to try to fix what needs to be fixed, in order that everyone can be properly rewarded for what they do.

But I am not very good at it, this thing that needs to be done, to get around the gaslighting of the system.

If I was better at it, then I might get back to doing what I do best, Engineering.

The thing that enables me to be writing, right at this minute, in response to your article is free money, donated to me with no expectation of my time in return.

Hence I am empowered, a little, to express a little of my creativity.

Perhaps you were too, when you wrote your article. Ultimately, it is all from the same source.

We are being empowered to create, just like the sun does to all things in nature.

If we weren't at least that, we would surely be insane.

There we see the root cause of insanity, when a person is deprived of the human ability to create, the more creative suffer most badly.

Sorry I am rambling a little, but hopefully it makes some sense, thanks for bearing with me.

The answer to all of the problems, that we see almost all humans struggling with, is to convert society to one that enables the sun to carry out its function in nature, donating all power to all things.

It started with free money.

All that needs to be done now, is to balance what is paid out financially to all people, with the power of the sun at the input.

That can be done with solar power.

Money then becomes interchangeable with solar power.

The debts of all humans can be commuted over from being to one another, to our planet, from which we have extracted a certain amount of stored energy, put there for free by the sun.

That is the real human debt.

When that debt is repaid, by solar energy, our society, and our planet, and us, will again be viable in nature.

Our financial industry could do that in an instant, with not even a blink by most humans, though it would be big news.

Then I, and many others might get back to Engineering cool things that don’t need to make profit, like immortality, and interplanetary mobility, however small our contributions might be, it would all be to a productive, truly valuable end.

Thanks for posting your article!


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