Faith in Human Efficiency

Analysing a little of the logic of Nikola Tesla

Probably the most famous public artifact of Nikola Tesla is his paper on human efficiency.

Interested folks can quickly find it on Google. It was published in 1900, 120 years ago.

In there, we see some incredible equations of human efficiency, with physical things in nature.

Nikola never talked much about the economy, at least not in public, yet that is something integral to human efficiency.

If his vision of free power for all people had been realised, the economy would absolutely have been changed, from one of controlled scarcity, to one of infinite stimulus.

Infinite stimulus becomes possible, and inevitable, in the presence of free power.

Likewise, free power becomes possible, and inevitable, in the presence of sustained massive stimulus.

Massive stimulus, is stimulus of 10K dollars or more per month, per person.

We saw it once, when oil prices went negative, and the dollar value went up, not down.

It wasn’t sustained of course, the argument being that it was unsustainable.

But why, if the dollar value went up?

I’ve analysed that question in much greater detail in other articles, the point in this one is the importance of how the economy works, in human efficiency.

World pollution, financial inequality, unrest, vulnerability to pandemics, and mental retardation, are all arguably characteristics, causes, and effects of low efficiency of human economics, and thus low human efficiency.

Comparing humanity as is, with a single animal in nature, where our economy is the blood flow of the animal, this animal would be a very sick one, with brain and organ damage occurring throughout its body due to oxygen starvation.

That, is controlled scarcity, the fundamental requirement for profit, in action.

In controlled scarcity mode, the transport of wealth around the human economy, is done by people exchanging one thing for another, from individual to individual, witholding anything given, if nothing is received in return, except maybe a promise.

(An individual can be just an individual, or an organisation of individuals)

That is the way we’ve functioned for thousands of years.

Yet, as we are seeing, it is extremely inefficient, and extremely damaging.

The reason why we don’t talk much about this seems to be a consequence of the issue itself.

Mental retardation of even the cleverest of individuals results in the individual not realising the retardation.

This again can be seen in terms of efficiency.

Most clever people in history have been drawn towards “Making money” in some way or another.

That has necessarily been a primary concern in our careers to date, alongside whatever specialism or talents we might have been marketing, be it art, science, engineering, or even just simple making money, lots of it.

That distraction, is the retardation.

Time spent making money, is increasingly time spent not adding value to our world.

Removing that retardation can make even moderately clever individuals, networked to all knowledge as we are now, capable of seemingly huge intellect, surpassing that of even historical geniuses.

Individuals seem to do that, even in the presence of sustained scarcity, with what we call faith.

For that reason, faith is needed when scarcity is experienced.

Faith that the scarcity can, and will be removed.

Problems surely become existential when not enough individuals can retain faith.

In terms of oxygen transfer due to blood flow;

In our bodies, we name the blood vessels conveying oxygen from our lungs and heart, to our organs and muscles, as arteries, and the return blood vessels, conveying blood with depleted oxygen back to our hearts and lungs, as veins.

When we deplete the oxygen efficiently, by exercising our muscles, organs, and brain, everything works very well.

But imagine for a second if our bodies were rewired in such a way that instead of all things in our bodies receiving oxygen directly from our hearts and lungs, via directly connected arteries, our organs instead were all connected to one another via a two way link, of both artery and vein.

And imagine further that our hearts and lungs, and each organ, muscle, and our brain, could withhold oxygen from one another, for whatever reason.

That, is the configuration of the unnatural, sick body equivalent of our human economy today.

It obviously needs to be rewired, to the form that we know works best in nature, the form that exists physically within each of us as individuals.

We can do that rewiring in an instant, as we saw when massive stimulus was issued.

All we need to do is keep issuing it, and all else falls into place.

Footnote: I did not intend this story to be published as members only, but it appears on the device I am using now, an old ipad, as the only option. This is not cool. I will try to change later on PC if opportunity arises, and I remember, but come on guys, here we are seeing classic scarcity enforcement in action. I created the story, but its scarcity is being enforced outside my control, for now.

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