Faisal, it is great you seem to have moved on now from describing all things in terms of blockchain, to distributed ledger, a necessary step to include things like IOTA, but please be aware a pretty major error remains — NXT is not a DAG, it is blockchain, according to its white paper, no mention of DAG. Pretty far from them being the pioneers of DAG, they do not even use it.

Getting a large scale open DAG into operation is no small feat, so it is only fair we recognise who did it first.

Winternitz and MALM are all terms coined by IOTA. As far as my research goes, they are the real pioneers of the DAG. I am not an investor myself, in IOTA or any other, at least not in financial terms. But I am working with IOTA, as I believe this is the only solution in existence which is compatible with the needs of VRENAR.


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