Extremists obviously come in all flavours, and the ones who are still alive might not like to be reminded of it.

Though I don’t agree with everything in it, I think your article is imminently valuable and definitely very brave.

Don’t delete it. If you change your views, add an addendum. It is good to know what people were thinking, around what time, so we might learn lessons from it.

We need people to be brave, to say what they really think, and not be judged for it.

If we think folk have things wrong, we need to question society first for giving them those views.

Most importantly, we need to know what is on folks minds, so as to have dialog that might put things right.

As a favourite, coloured character of mine would say, in a favourite non English accent; “Better out than in”

I was particularly intrigued to read your account of Che Guevara.

You provided a photo of him I’d never seen before, but no reference for the obviously racist comment from him that you quoted.

A favourite place of mine is Cuba, not because I have any admiration for the government there, but I do admire the people of Cuba. Are they a product of a bad government? Who knows. What is a good government?

If your quotation of Che Guevara is correct, it is ironic that the people of cuba, mostly anything but white, hold the memory of him in god-like status.

If you have never been there, I recommend you visit, if your government allows.


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