Could this be what we are moving to? Let’s hope so, because it is a competition in which everyone wins.

There is a new competition becoming distinct.

It has a single aim; to add value to ourselves, our communities, our planet, and our species.

A sovereign entity is one who has a unique currency, which has the capability of being generated without limit.

America, the EU, UK, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Venezuela, China, India, Pakistan, Russia, Israel, Poland, Ukraine, Iran, are all examples of sovereign entities.

The competition is judged by “The Hive”; all of the networked people of the world, billions of pairs of eyes, with billions of human brains, who see reality like the eye of Sauron, they miss nothing, they cannot be deceived.

The Hive sets the value of each currency by market value.

The Hive is the customer of all currencies.

The Hive sees what value is added to the planet by the actions of each sovereign community, and this is reflected in the perceived value of the currency of the community.

For example, if a community is seen to be actively working towards fixing its societal problems, the value of its currency increases.

So, protests and riots which occur over societal problems like inequality, which are handled effectively, say by throwing freely printed money at those who feel injustice, result directly in the market value of that currency going up.

This is counter-intuitive to conventional economic thinking, where we would expect the value of a currency to drop, as a result of dilution of the fixed asset value of the currency, when it is printed without limit.

But the proof is in the pudding; we are seeing the dollar market value increase, whilst trillions are printed freely every month.

In fact, we are seeing the values of all currencies being sustained, remaining comparable with one another, whilst all are being freely printed.

Everyone is winning!

Yes, we’ve also seen the currencies of Venezuela, Iran, Cuba, and the Weimar collapse within their countries when freely printed. But there, we see also trade restrictions on those countries by such things as embargo, therefore removing their currencies from the world market.

As for whether or not those countries should continue on embargo, the Hive knows. If the US was to remove the colonial sanctions it has imposed on those countries, such as Cuba, who the Hive, faced with COVID-19, knows has a uniquely powerful medical capability, and the Hive likes such an outcome (seeing value added to the world), then the dollar value will further increase.

Everyone wins.

If India was to remove its “Internal” blockade on the nine million people of Cashmere, and connect them to the internet, and the Hive liked such a move, then the market value of the Indian Rupee would increase.

Everyone wins.

In fact, in any situation where we see friction between people, it is invariably ecomomic. They are fighting over money. The solution in all cases, is to throw free money at them.

Everyone wins.

Crime? Throw free money at all of the criminals. Then no more crime, the Hive rejoices, and the currency value soars.

Everyone wins.

Disgruntled ex-police, retirees, boomers, feminists, chauvinists, law officials, racists, colonialists, whatever, throw free money at them, no more problems, the Hive rejoices, and the currency value soars.

Everyone wins.

With free money for all people, the Hive, anyone can choose whether or not to personally trade in stocks, shares, and money markets as usual, not just a rich minority.

Everyone wins.

In this new game, continuous, freely issued money has become something new. It is no longer a medium of storage of wealth. This is confirmed in studies of historical gold and Bitcoin data, which I will provide links to at the end of this story.

The new, freely printed money, is more a medium of transmission of wealth.

Now, we should begin quantifying this new kind of flowable money in terms of flow, like the flow of energy, with units for such.

When we look at energy, we trace it back to its source, the sun, and we make no attempt to quantify or place limits on the amount of energy that might be stored there, because we know it is infinite.

Just like free money is infinite.

That Trillions are printed every month no longer matters.

What matters is the effect on wealth, the wealth of all individuals, all people, and all communities.

A friend suggested a name for this new kind of free money in a global value-adding economy.

He prefers anonimity for now, so I honour that.

He suggests to call it Ex-voto.

I looked up the meaning of that name, and agree, there is probably no more fitting a definition of its function.

Ex-voto is an offering to the divine.

Our offering is our planet.

The divine is that thing within each of us that knows what is good and bad for our world and our species. This quality, of being able to evaluate, is the thing of value within each of us, that should be optimised and rewarded.

At last, we’ve found the ideal mechanism

Free money.

Everyone wins.


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