Erik I believe the same fear is being experienced by all governments as that of China.


They are all guilty of playing the same tricks to try to prevent it, like curfews and bans on public gatherings.

Of course social separation makes sense, at least until the disease is beaten.

But what if the absolute worst happens and the value of cash completely tanks? (How can it not, if massive amounts cash are printed from thin air, and handed out for nothing?)

The result would be that people would revert to using whatever works to replace cash, to survive.

That would begin with street traders and their suppliers starting to accept bitcoin or other crypto, with only a smartphone.

For that to happen, folk would need to be in the street.

Hence governments will seek to confine folk to their homes, no matter what.

This is perhaps a reason to propagate positive opinion on how China handled the disease. Their main measure was widespread lockdown.

Hence perhaps the seeming admiration of the Chinese strategy, by some of our establishments.

To condition us to be more accepting of the inevitable orders to stay at home, even when we get hungry.


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