Erik I agree, but it actually frustrates me that this is the case. We’ve done amazing things with technology, but have changed nothing about the way we work as a society.

We seem to have learned nothing from the mistakes in history.

I once asked at a very young age, why did Rome eventually collapse?

The answer I received was “Widespread greed and corruption, it rotted from the inside out”.

Yet, here we seem to be again, Rome II.

Groundhog day.

We have the technical capability now to Engineer Systems that could transform us from eternally competing with one another, to working together, all pulling in the same direction.

After that, we would have a third wave of technical revolution, doing things that would make previous technical achievements to date look tame.

In a very short time with such a system, we would turn around the bigger problems faced, like world pollution.

But as yet, most are too busy competing to realise it.

I wonder if we really will keep competing, to the death, of all humanity.


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