Enrique thanks for posting.

As alluded to in your article, Bitcoin is money-as-sunlight.

Since it is being exchanged for money-as-debt, it follows money as sunlight is valuable, more valuable than money-as-debt.

The result is that wealth from the single extraterrestrial source of all wealth and energy is being wound into the world economy.

Thus it breaks the zero-sum box that has been maintained for thousands of years.

Effectively, every Bitcoin produced punches a new hole in that box, by pushing up the infrastructure of solar power, increasing the flow of energy from the sun onto the world grid.

For money to continue accurately representing wealth, the mathematical difference of what it now means must be recognised.

Before Bitcoin, it was equal to a constant quantity of capital, a, which was a was a fixed amount of gold, oil, or whatever.

Now, each Bitcoin represents the capital exchanged for it, a, plus an unknown, ever increasing capacity, b, supply of energy, x.

So money has gone from representing a, to a new form, a+bx.

Notice bx is time dependent, tending to infinity, compared with just a.

Therefore money is going to bx, and a has to tend to zero.

Mathematical proof of the end of capitalism?


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