Enrique for sure this looks like a big transition, bigger even than as detailed in the articles you’ve quoted.

The forces at work are physical, and huge, far bigger than any government, or economic body, or even all of them put together.

It looks like we are seeing an inversion, which upturns pretty much all of the conventional ideas of money, business, government, work, energy, and debt, including even in China.

We see it most clearly when we look at the physics of our relationship with our planet, and the sun.

Energy goes from the sun, to our planet, and until about now, we’ve necessarily taken pretty much all of our energy from the planet.

As a direct consequence, our economic system is one of discrete, controlled scarcity, using the concept of profit, largely independently of the direct energy from the sun.

So our wealth is manipulated in terms of discrete packets, such as account balances, and investments, with a view of exchanging for profit.

Realising that energy, and the work done with it is wealth, we can see its transfer throughout our human business is mostly interrupted, compared with how we see it coming from the sun, to Earth.

That, is the fundamental thing which is changing.

We are moving from the mode of living on discrete packets of energy extracted from Earth, to the continuous flow of energy directly from the sun.

Our economy has not been adjusted to accommodate that change yet, but we do see many “Strange” things happening, which are easily explained when we understand the bigger picture of the physics driving the change.

Oil prices going negative, shares in bankrupt companies soaring, values of currencies soaring at times of extravagent stimulus, are all easily explained.

Controlling scarcity, and generating profit, requires scarcity to be possible.

But when we add significant solar power to our system, especially by directly converting work done by solar power directly into currency, and then exchanging that for currency of controlled scarcity (Money-as-debt), as we know is happening with Bitcoin, we are beginning to see the effects of abundance overriding profit.

Money, in return for absolutely nothing, is being issued, with little impact to its value.

Conventional economists are trying to fit this into the theory of MMT, but what we are seeing is way beyond that.

The fallout effects on pretty much everything we know in human history are huge, almost unimaginable, but all in a good way.

In conventional business producing things, we are accustomed to a three-way trade-off, between cost, quality, and time to produce.

One of those is about to change; the cost, from how much money, to how much environmental impact.

When financial cost is no longer an object, truly incredible things can, will, and are happening.

With the main argument of financial cost gone, pretty much all plastics can be discontinued and removed.

All internal combustion engines can be converted to hydrogen consumption, and hydrogen put on ubiquitous supply.

Huge translucent, modestly efficient but artistic, tree-like solar collection structures can start to appear on the rooftops of buildings.

And of course ending all world poverty and all wars is inevitable.

When people enter markets with free money, they are not trading, but donating, towards the things they see as important, so there we see a new, fine-grained democracy.

With all people operating in all markets with continuous flows as above, we see every human functioning as a synapse in a huge neural network.

This is incredibly good news for both us and our planet, and the ambitions of every human.

What we are seeing is the transition from stage zero, to stage one, of the Kardashev scale, and maybe even a re-definition, and birth, of what is AGI.

Exciting times!


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