Energyism: The practice of monetising energy, rather than capital.

By putting an energy standard on money, we begin to accommodate the wealth currently being added to what was previously an exclusively capital economy, by the energy of the sun.

The gold standard of Oz/token, has to be complemented, by Joules/token.

This then enables the Austrian Economics Ideal of money issued being balanced against produce, in the presence of solar energy.

When solar energy is introduced to the economy in any way, it is physically equivalent to adding barrels of Hydrogen Fuel (A clean alternative to fossil fuels), contributing a number of Joules, to the economy.

Since this fuel came from outside the accepted capital of Earth, it is additional, to the conventionally accepted total stock of capital on Earth.

This obviously has a positive effect on the current environmental issue, by explicitly rewarding solar energy farming, in a fair, authentic way, and presenting a clearer funding case, for solar energy.



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